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About Us
Beaumont Leys Muslims was established in 2010 by few local brothers who decided to volunteer and serve the Muslim community in Beaumont Leys and with the help of Allah unite the community and establish what has been ordained by Allah (Salah).

​Within a few months with the Help of Allah Alhamdulillah we managed to find and reserve a hall so that it may serve the Muslims for the Juma Salah and so far this has proved successful and the congregation is growing in number each week. However of course this is just the start and part of our goal. According to our research there are an estimate of 10% Muslim households in the area of Beaumont Leys and surrounding areas. So we are not a small community and the need is great, this is why we have decided to create this project and InshaAllah we will succeed with the help of Allah and the support of the community.

​We are an independent organisation that wants to improve and provide a range of activities for all the Muslim families, in order to do this we feel that the Muslim community brothers and sisters need to help us by expressing their views, by joining us in our efforts, and contacting us if they wish to volunteer.

Our Goal

Our goal is to Insha’Allah establish a masjid with madrassa facilities to serve the community, more detailed information on what we are working towards below:

​A prayer facility for brothers and sisters.
Taraweeh/Eid prayers during the month of Ramadhan
Lectures & Seminars
Programmes for the Youth
Other social activities

Our Strategy

In order to achieve our goals we have decided to take it step by step and organised it in the following way:

Step 1: Establish regular Juma salah and make the community aware of the project
Step 2: Establish Regular Salah including Tarawee
Step 3: Talks to revive everyone’s faith and spirit in the community and other social activities
Step 4: Establish the Masjid with Madrassa facility which will also be used as a community centre

Currently we have regular meetings that take place on weekly basis to review, plan, action and monitor progress of each step please contatc us for more information via the Contact Us page.

This is just a brief introduction to what this project is about, who we are and also how we are planning to do things. This project will only be successful if Allah wills so I ask all brother & sisters to make Dua so that Allah can make this easy for us and a successful project. Ameen